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GS Projects and Urban Bags is a small family business from Salt Rock on the Dolphin Coast of KZN.  GS Projects and Urban Bags was started up from an old family business.  Many years back the business first began manufacturing backfilling bags, curtains for underground mines, polypropylene bulk bags and garden refuse bags.  After my cancer relapsed and having no income, I restarted the company under Growing Product and Solutions to support my family.  Having zero cash flow and no reserves, my family and I pulled out our old machines and began to manufacture bulk Urban Bags to sell.  Once again we became a family business.  After several months of operating, we discovered that we were too small to compete with the big guys. 


One day a customer contacted me to inquire if we could make him bags for his plants and seedlings. We designed and manufactured large plant urban bags and seedling bags for the customer.  After receiving his order, he was so impressed with our urban bags that he ordered more.   From here the company began to grow.  The ideas started flowing and we began doing research into various materials and bag designs.


We are now starting to make a name for ourselves, and am pleased to report that I have great clients that support us on a continuous basis.  As a business we take our customers needs into major consideration, listening to what they require from the bags. We are looking forward to our future growth.  

Since our founding in 2000, a number of farmers near and far have started using our services and are already improving their farming production techniques thanks to our products, smart reports and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

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